Grade 2  April 27

Hi Grade 2 Students!

This week we will be learning about rocks, sand, and erosion, with one question being “Why is there sand at the beach?” Think about why you think there is sand at the beach and talk with your family or call one of your friends and see what they think.

Again, we will be going to a link from Mystery Science, and you will listen to Mystery Doug explain some ideas, have you answer some more questions, and as always there will be an activity that you can do.  Here is the link for this week:

If you need the link you may check your ClassDojo account, or you can email and have me send it to you.

There is a project. You will be making a river using paper, and then creating rocks out of paper and sending them down a river that will end at the beach. You will have four or five times where you will hear the water flowing, and you will be tearing breaking the rocks. Make sure to show me a picture of your river and how large your rocks were by the time they made it to the beach. If you would like to write about it and share what you learned I would read it and give you feedback.

This should be done by next Monday, when you will get another science project to do.

Have fun with this and if you have any questions let me know.

Ms. Dichter


Hello Grade 5 Students,

For STEAM this quarter we will be working on the Web of Life: Ecosystems and the Food Web. We will use the MysteryScience website, and you will be able to use the link below to access each lesson. Hands-on activities will be part of this unit.

You will have one week to complete your work and return evidence that you have completed the work. This could be something you write, images of doing work, a reflection of what you have learned and questions you may have, a poster, etc.

Our first lesson is called Food Chains, Predators, Herbivores, and Carnivores. You will be learning about this with a video called “Why would a hawk move to New York City?”

The activity is also attached. The game is called Eat or be Eaten, and you will have some PowerPoints attached that will show you different types of animals, insects, plants, and more that create our food chain. Your goal is to create the longest food chain as you can that is correct. To help you do this you will have 5 PowerPoint slides that show different animals and explain what they eat. A scorecard is also attached, and it asks you to play this game 5 times and record your work. There is also a page with the rules of the game, and there is page that provides some tips.

This game requires that you play with at least 2 and no more than 4 people. If you cannot print out the papers, you can have them online and write down your answer on paper and take an image of the food chain.

Remember that you need to watch the videos, answer the questions that are raised, and that MysteryScience always provides clear directions in a video format for the hands-on activity. If you would like to explore some of the extensions provided at the end of the lesson you may.

If you have questions please email me, and we can set up a time to talk, and I will be available online during the day.

And the most important piece….here is the link to this lesson:

Ms. Dichter - Please email me if you have any questions.