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Dear Zanetti Band Students & Families,


We miss all of you very much! We hope you are safe and well and we can't wait to see you again next year!  Here are a few resources to keep your music learning going...


Distance Learning Music Teaching Channel

How to play my instrument videos...

Learning note names...


Playing Concert B-Flat Major Scale (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do)

Learn your first scale. Note maps and videos are included:


More Scales

Click, scroll down, and learn your Concert Bb (flat) Blues Scale or your Bb (flat) Chromatic Scale. Note maps and videos are included:


Learn Songs In Your Method Book

Your method book is online. Click the link, scroll down to "2019-2020 Music Packets" and click on your instrument. Your Essential Elements Method Book begins at the end of the digital packet. Flute begins on page 137, Clarinet on page 157, Alto Sax on page 133, Trumpet on page 173, and Trombone on page 153.


Download Method Book Songs & Play Along With the Recordings

Click the link and download the mp3 recordings for your instrument and play along


Need reeds for your instrument or have any questions?

Email Mr. Bernice at and we'll do our best to mail you a reed. You can also get them directly from Amazon:



Alto Sax


Smile and keep playing!



Mr. Bernice, Ms. Lueth, & Ms. Ouellette