Grade 1

First grade clipart

Welcome to Grade 1

Room 104     Susan Restivo
Specials: Ms. Jablow (music)

Room 105     Ruth Restivo
Specials:  Mrs. Callender (art)

Teacher photo     
Hello! We are here to remind you of a few things…

We are the first graders,

peppy, peppy, first graders.

Everywhere we go,

people want to know who we are.

So, we say…

We are the first graders

peppy, peppy first graders…

AND you are doing an awesome and spectacular job with your home-school teachers. Hip-hip-hooray every day! We will post work every Monday. Use the Weekly Work Checklist to remind you of what is due every Friday. We will talk to you via ClassDojo and email. Write to us without hesitation! We are here to help you and support you! We give you all the credit! 😊 We knew from the start you were awesome scholars!

As you know a game of tag is good for your heart, body, and mind. If you cannot head outdoors, draw a picture of us, or just for a moment, close your eyes and visualize our never-to-be-forgotten fun.

AND…Tag! You’re it! Mrs. Restivo has learned to run super-fast (Wink! Wink!) while Miss Restivo will always make the best home base. Room 104 and Room 105 know how to survive! We are strong, and well…

We are the first graders

peppy, peppy first graders!!!

Never forget how much we love you and miss you!

Miss Restivo and Mrs. Restivo